Gather together

Being responsible for great wealth can feel like a great burden. Yet the path doesn't have to be lonely.

  • Peer Groups: Share & immerse in trusted relationships

  • Explorations: Travel & study a complex issue through a place

  • Conference: Connect & learn with like-hearted philanthropists

Peer Groups

We believe that learning in community -- with trustworthy friends adventuring on the same road -- leads to a deeper personal transformation and a broader understanding of the subject. It’s the wisdom of a curated crowd. And the journey is simply more fun and less dangerous with friends in tow. Just ask Dorothy. Throughout the year, small groups of Gathering participants meet around a common interest, season, or station in life. Here are the current options, and a couple under development.

Women in The Gathering

Find fellowship among women and discover your passion and strengths as a giver.

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Forging Your Own Path

Live a personal path into your family's giving legacy.

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Women's Book Study

Find fellowship among women and discuss ideas from reading a book together.

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The Third Third of Life

Prepare for a fulfilling next season.

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Rising Generation

Pursue a life of maturity & meaning with fellow young inheritors.

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Inflection Point

Design the strategies and structures for a lifetime of impact.

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Nothing fires up the imagination like transporting yourself to an unknown place in the company of friends who share the same sense of awe, curiosity, and desire to learn. We pick amazing destinations where we can wrestle with an issue through visiting a place and its people. Traveling together, we explore a complex theme that demands our attention as philanthropists, investors, and followers of Jesus. What is at stake? Whose lives are affected, and how can we understand their perspectives? What are the historical and theological factors at work, where are we in this cultural moment, and what does the future portend? How might we deploy the resources under our care to create enduring, positive impact?

Why join our

Annual Conference?

Encounter big ideas, gnarly problems, hopeful solutions

Soak in wisdom, worship, and wonder

Meet friends for the journey

Invest in your next generation of givers

2023 Conference Registration will be open soon.

for the journey


Learn through our essays, webcasts, and past conference sessions.

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