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We are a sounding board of peers who aim to stretch our imaginations for how we might join God’s work through our philanthropy, our investments, and our lives.

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Give wisely.
Steward faithfully.
Learn with trusted friends.

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Peer Groups

Dialogue with friends who share a common interest, season, or station in life.
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Travel with us as we study a complex issue through the lens of a place and its people.


Learn through our essays, webcasts, and past conference sessions.
It was curiosity that brought us to The Gathering, but it was authentic relationships that kept us coming back.
Vinh Chung

Vinh Chung

You can multiply your impact by collaborating and learning from a community of givers.
Michele Dudley

Michele Dudley

A room full of people who do 'have it all' by worldly standards, singing the song that said "its yours, its all yours" and knowing that they meant it brought me to tears. What a privilege to be reminded how vast God's Kingdom is, and that he uses all of us, rich or poor, to fulfill his purposes.
Sarah Currer

Sarah Currer

Some of the greatest relationships that I have exist within this community.
Bob Caldwell Jr.

Bob Caldwell Jr.

Board Chair, Participant
The Gathering is a concentrated group of high capacity, Kingdom-driven individuals. It enables me to connect with those folks over best practices and ideas and to be there as a friend and build real, authentic relationships.
Nick Bonner

Nick Bonner

The Gathering is a sacred space for our family, a rare catalyst for friendships, conversations, and perspectives we have not found anywhere else.
Ryan Skoog

Ryan Skoog


The Round Table

Essays on faith, philanthropy & stewardship

The Child Without Thanksgiving

November 22, 2023

Dr. Townsend says, rightly, that gratitude and entitlement cannot coexist in the same brain. The entitled child is the child without Thanksgiving.

The Invisible Web

November 15, 2023

You can be independently rich but you cannot be independently wealthy because your community has a rightful claim on your life.

Not Too Old To Roll

November 8, 2023

It is an initiative and not simply a tax strategy. It is more about accomplishment than preservation.

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