Nothing fires up the imagination like transporting yourself to an unknown place in the company of friends who share the same sense of awe, curiosity, and desire to learn. We pick amazing destinations where we can wrestle with an issue through visiting a place and its people. Traveling together, we explore a complex theme that demands our attention as philanthropists, investors, and followers of Jesus. What is at stake? Whose lives are affected, and how can we understand their perspectives? What are the historical and theological factors at work, where are we in this cultural moment, and what does the future portend? How might we deploy the resources under our care to create enduring, positive impact?

Criteria to join our community events

  • Follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • Give at least $200,000 a year to Christian causes. Though the number isn't a rigid threshold, it represents a proxy for the types of people who are asking and wrestling with the same questions around wise stewardship, giving well, avoiding pitfalls, raising the next generation, allocating resources, defining a family legacy, etc. People come to The Gathering to pursue relationships with peers who are exploring similar issues with a measure of humility, vulnerability, and trust.

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