Inflection Point

Inflection Point

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Design the strategies and structures for a lifetime of impact.

If you've ever wondered whether there's a better way? If you should set up a Donor Advised Fund or a foundation? If you should give everything away before you die or build something that lasts for generations? How to narrow your focus, create meaningful impact, and evaluate the results? Where to begin? How to end?

And most importantly, where can I find actionable answers from trustworthy people?

Before embarking on a significant voyage, it's helpful to survey the waters ahead, speak with captains who've sailed the seas before, and form a flotilla for mutual support. Stewarding your wealth wisely might well be your most challenging voyage. How will you navigate the toughest questions that every person faces? What questions aren't even on your map?

Who belongs? Individuals and couples who have

... more money to steward. The sale of the family business or the inheritance of a trust has suddenly added a few more zeros to every decision you make.

... more margin in life. After stepping away from daily operations in the business, or caring for family members, or transitioning a career, you finally have time to pause and plan ahead.

... more urgency now. Maybe your kids are starting to ask uncomfortable questions about money. Maybe seeing your parents slow down has grabbed your attention to make adjustments in your own life and impact.

Whatever your specific motivation, this Peer Group is for people who haven't finished their homework and would like to form a study group and trade notes.

What will we discuss? We'll divide our time among: Discerning, designing, and articulating your own mission and strategy for impact. Covering the basics with subject-matter experts about stewardship (grantmaking, impact investing, legal structures, etc). Workshopping your ideas and plans with others in the group. Exchanging lessons learned with Gathering participants who have traveled further down this path of stewardship.

Criteria to join our community events

  • Follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • Give at least $200,000 a year to Christian causes. Though the number isn't a rigid threshold, it represents a proxy for the types of people who are asking and wrestling with the same questions around wise stewardship, giving well, avoiding pitfalls, raising the next generation, allocating resources, defining a family legacy, etc. People come to The Gathering to pursue relationships with peers who are exploring similar issues with a measure of humility, vulnerability, and trust.

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