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As school districts nationwide struggle to reopen, the impact of the pandemic on student learning has yet to be fully understood. But the early indicators are troubling. All students, on average, are falling months behind on grade-level measures of math and English achievement. And the early evidence already shows that students in poorer neighborhoods and students of color are trending further behind. Students with special needs and students with trauma are also facing additional burdens. On this webcast, we will explore the challenges that lie ahead for every school in America as students, teachers, and administrators return to the classroom. How can Christian philanthropists support the students at greatest risk from the pandemic’s impact? What are some effective ways for churches, nonprofits, and givers to prepare to meet that challenge in their communities?


We will be joined by experts with complementary experiences and perspectives. 

  • Nicole Baker Fulgham is the Founder and President of The Expectations Project, where she has grown a faith-motivated network of 45,000 advocates for education equity, many of whom work through their local churches to serve public schools in need. 
  • John Jenkins is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden, in Maryland, where he rallies the resources of the 10,000-member church to address the needs of local communities, including “adopting” local schools and running a Christian school.
  • Debi Ghate is the Vice President of Strategy and Programs at The Philanthropy Roundtable. One of their key initiatives is focused on K-12 education, offering resources to donors who are dedicated to boosting underserved student outcomes and transforming America’s education system.

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